 Knowledge Channel Television Assisted Instruction (TAI) sponsored by Sky Foundation – wherein classes are scheduled to watch specific t.v. programs with the main purpose of giving alternative teaching strategies for the teachers and learning atmosphere for the students.
 Computer Assisted Instruction in Science – wherein CD’s containing numerous subject matters in different fields of science are presented to the students thereby enhancing learning opportunities for them. These are donated by Cong. R. Zamora through the Dept. of Science and Technology.
 Youth Entrepreneurship for Secondary Schools (YECS) – wherein students are trained to handle the operation of a small cooperative store which will give them idea in handling a small business and be familiar with its various operations.
 Cultural Dance Enrichment – wherein a select group of students are trained regularly to perform various local cultural and ethnic dances in order to promote awareness among its audience and also to promote our rich heritage. The group also join several contests and has brought prestige to the school several times.
 Program for Excellence in Math (POEM) – wherein selected students are trained regularly in order to prepare for various Math contests throughout the school year. These students are also encouraged to help out their friends who might find the subject unfriendly sometimes.
 Computer Literacy Program (3rd & 4th year students and faculty sponsored by Citibank and PBSP) – wherein computer classes are provided for 3rd and 4th year students the basic skills in computer operations in order to better prepare them for their future.
 Electrical Technology Skills Training (4th and 3rd year students) – wherein students are introduced to the complexities of house wiring, electrical installations, repair of basic home appliances and the like so that they will acquire skills they may find useful in the future.
 Educational Management Information System (EMIS) for electronic database maintenance – wherein basic and comprehensive data and information about the entire school are stored so that it may help the administration in various important decision-making process.
 Creative Arts for artistic students (CAAS) – wherein artistically inclined students are given training and exposure in different artistic media thereby widening their horizons with the hope that they will somehow pursue a career in the art field or may find other professional career but never let go of their artistic pursuits.
 Special Journalism classes with computer and photography classes – wherein future journalists are given training in writing, computer operations on basic newspaper layout and photography and be able to apply whatever they have learned in publishing a school paper twice a year.
 Advance Math and Science classes for pilot sections – wherein advance algebra, geometry, statistics, chemistry and physics classes are provided for pilot sections so that they can be competitive with other students of public and private schools thereby promoting their chances during contests and the like.
 Remedial Math and Science classes for slow learners – wherein additional explanations, examples or work are given to the students so that they will internalize whatever subject matter is taken up in their regular math or science classes.
 National Drug Education Program – wherein drug abuse prevention is its main concern and it is a continuing effort to save our youth from the deadly vice commonly attacking the core of our nation. This is the school’s commitment not just to their students but to the society as a whole.
 Leadership Training for Supreme Student Council Officers and Classroom Officers – wherein elected officers are given leadership training using the “Batang E.R.A.P.” module developed by the Office of the Mayor in the hope of developing future responsible and active leaders in our society. What a better way to start with the young leaders of the school.