II.        The Fortress of the San Juan Municipal High School
A.     The Structure.  At present, there are two main structures comprising the San Juan Municipal High School.  These are: (1) Building A located at P. Narciso Street with a total land area of 4,102 square meter. (2) Building B located at P. Narciso Street corner Pinaglabanan Street which is just across the first building is the second building with a total land area of 4,600 square meter.  These sites were acquired through a lease contract from MWSS for 50 years.   Below are some pictures and floor plans of the two buildings for further reference.
B.    The Facilities.  Since School Year 1979-1980, in an attempt to meet the educational needs of the widest base of San Juan as possible, the school has been operating in four strategic sites.  The main building abnd the three annexes namely:  Building I, Pinaglabanan Elementary School and San Juan Elementary School Annexes.
The Main campus consist of a three storey edifice, a quadrangle, a small frontage and a back door basement.  The building itself is divided into 35 standard classrooms, a guidance center, canteen and two room library, YDT / CAT office, a property custodian storeroom, a practice house for Home Economics chores, a clinic, an Audio Visual Room, Speech Laboratory, Computer Room, Cooperative Room, School Organ Room, Science Center and an Administrators Room which include the Chairman’s Conference Room, the Office of the Principal, Assistant Principal and the Administrative Personnel Section.
At present, there are numerous re-construction on the mentioned buildings to accommodate the growing number of student population.  Also, there are some additional rooms constructed for specific purposes.  Below is the table for the past 5 years on the status and number of the various facilities of the school.

The following are the presently available facilities at the San Juan Municipal Main and Annex Building to service the needs of its student population and also its working staff and employees.

Main Building             – 4,102 sq. m.

Annex Building            – 4,600 sq. m.

A.  Classrooms (Vocational)

Practical Arts              = 5 rooms
Home Economics        = 2 rooms

B.  Classroom (Academics)    = 36 rooms

C.  Office Space

Principal’s Office        = 1 room
Faculty Room             = 2 rooms
Conference Room       = 1 room
Clerical Space             = 1 room

D.  Speech Laboratory                        = 1 room

E.  Computer Room                = 2 rooms

F.  EMIS Room                      = 1 room

G.  Audio-Visual Room          = 1 room

H.  Science Laboratory           = 4 rooms



Main Building

Annex Building


126 sq. m.


63 sq. m.

63 sq. m.


30 sq. m.


126 sq. m.

63 sq. m.

Property / Stock

63 sq. m.

Toilets (Boys)






The Services to the Students.  Aside from basic learning, the students of SJMHS are also provided with the most important service facilities like: (1) Guidance Counsellors Office which help them get over their problems and difficulty related to their curriculum, teacher relations, family problems, even their social concerns.  The said office aims to reach as many students as possible so that more of the population can be facilitated so that their learning can be well-improved.  Also, there is the (2) Library at the second floor of the Main Building with an extensive collection of books for the Secondary level.  It aims to be service to students and teachers by providing them additional and related information about the most basic topics discussed in the classrooms.  Todate, there is a total of (total inventory of books) in the Library.  There is also the existence of a (3) Health Clinic which looks after the physical well-being of the students.  Also, whenever there are cases of accidents and emergencies, the Health Clinic is available to anybody.  The said facility is also takes upon itself the check-up of all facilities of the school so that spread of diseases will be

The Services to the Faculty.
The Services to the Administration.
The Services to the Community.
III.      The Curriculum
             A.        The Focus.
            The inevitable political twist experienced by the entire country and the quest for social transformation through the Sovereign will of the people, injected the decisive awareness not only in the domestic setting but also in the international sphere.  Thus, a sudden study to call a halt in the decadent ideology of the school system then the implemented was re-examined to return to the basics of the teacher-learning process.  This institution reflects and look back to the achievement and shortcomings, to the challenges for national development; self-discipline and reforms directed to secondary education.
As a secondary school supported by the Municipality of San Juan this high school could do no less than to lead in the realization of these goals;

1.  To provide a maximum and effective utilization of the school, community and other resources for a meaningful, equitable, efficient, effective and excellent educational process.
2.  To further teacher’s competence, status welfare and participation  in school , social, and community functions.
3.  To improve the quality of graduates and students turn-over.


a.  Inculcate Filipino values and attitude.
b.  Provide opportunities for in and out of school that will help enhance the total development of students.
c.  Minimize drop-outs and failures of students.
d.  Improve achievement level in the Division Achievement Test and National College Entrance Examination.
e.  Improve Guidance Service
f.  Strengthen the communication and motor skills of the students.


a.  To create new items for the Department Heads, Master Teachers, Secondary School Teacher and other related Teaching and non-teaching force.
b.  To upgrade teacher competence.
c.  To upgrade the salary of teachers through the Equivalent Record Form.
d.  To initiate the Faculty Development Program funded by the Municipal Local Funds by offering scholarships to teachers.


a.  To offer elective subjects relevant to the needs of the community and within the interest of students.
b.  To procure instructional facilities equipments and materials for the improvement of speech laboratory, computer room, textbooks and manuals.


a.  To install a speech laboratory room and computer equipments with the latest modern electronics.
b.  To improve the library and acquire more books.
c.  To beautify the physical outlook of the school.
d.  To acquire automotive, refrigeration and electronic equipment.


a.  To conduct a survey of school drop-out in the vicinity or locality.
b.  To offer schort vocational courses.


a.  To conduct researches on school problems and formulate solutions for implementations.

B.        Curricular and Training Programs

In response to the Division’s objectives of achieving excellence of educational outputs through efficient, effective and humanistic management of the school system, the San Juan Municipal High School effected the following curricular re-direction:

1.  The curriculum placed greater stress on the development of values and sense of nationhood particularly on self-discipline, honesty, social responsibility, thrift, hardwork, obedience and love of country.

  1. Art oriented and talented students are top to become an asset of the society.

C.        Various Teaching Aids
D.        The Modules

IV.      The Administration

  1. The Duties and Responsibilities
  2. The Organization.

The Organizational Hierarchy

  1. The People


Divisions Superintendent
District Supervisor
Mrs. Paz D. Depaudhon
School Principal
Principal III